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Naxos Greece: Discover the authentic island of Naxos Greece

    Naxos Greece is known for its natural, authentic beauty: It is a mountainous island with impressive rock formations but with also many plains, green and fertile valleys as well as beautiful golden sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters.

naxos beach

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades. It covers an area of and has a coastline of 148 km long.

Naxos lies almost in the centre of the Cyclades with Paros at the West, Donoussa at the east, Schinoussa and Koufonissia at the south while the north side faces Mykonos and Delos.

It is located at 103 nautical miles from Piraeus. It has a population of 20.000 inhabitants and more than a half of it is living in the island’s capital, Hora.
Naxos has been famous since Ancient times for its fertility and has a great variety of agricultural products like potatoes, olives and wine.

It is a rich island and the lushness of the land permitted its inhabitants to be financially independent. For that reason, Naxos was one of the last islands that opened itself to tourism and one of the last that kept its authentic and natural beauty.
Naxos Island is a beautiful island which has a lot to offer to the visitor.
It has a charming capital and many traditional Cycladic villages. There are some temples, immortal proofs of a prosperous antiquity, many Byzantine churches and Venetian towers.

The island has various types of landscapes: a desert in some areas and fertile and a tree abundant soil in some others.

Naxos is a mountainous island with the highest peak in the Cyclades: Mount Zas and its 1004 metres.

The island has also the longest beaches of the Cyclades: 92 kms of sandy beaches!

According to Mythology, Naxos is the island where Zeus, father of gods, grew up... :more:

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The architecture of Naxos is closely related to the history of Naxos.
The architectural history of Naxos took a different path than the others islands of the Cyclades when in 1207... :more:

There is a wealth of naxos churches on the island. There are about 500 churches... :more:


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