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Naxos Transportation: Find the different ways of transportation on Naxos Greece

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The central bus station is located close to the port of Naxos Town, at the end of the wharf. Naxos has a quality network that covers the entire island. The buses fares are very cheap and tickets are sold in the bus directly. Schedules can be found only at the central station.
There are buses from Naxos Town to: Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, Apollonas, Apiranthos, Halki, Danakos, Damarionas, Engares, Filoti, Keramopoti, Melanes, Kouros, Kinidaros, Koronida, Koronos, Mikri Vigla, Moutsouna, Potamia, Pyragaki, Sagri, Stelida, Tripodes, Tsikalario.

The island of Naxos Greece also offers a free minibus service that makes the round of Naxos Town with many stops.

There is a fleet of taxis centred in Naxos town, in front of the port.
The rates are standards for each destination and there are given on board. There is also a radio taxi service (Tel: 22444)



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