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The festivals of Naxos: Discover the ultimate festival in Naxos Greece during the summer.

    Feast name / Date / Village

Virgin Mary: August 15th

Agia Anna: July 25th, Agios Arsenios

Agios Nikodimos: July 14th, Agios Arsenios

Agios Pandeleimon: July 27th, Agios Arsenios

Agios Prokopios: July 8th, Agios Arsenios

Agios Thaleleos: May 20th, Agios Thaleleos

Agios Ioannis: August 29th, Apirathos

Virgin Mary: August 15th, Apirathos

Agios Ioannis: August 29th, Apollonas

Virgin Mary: 14th - 16th of August, Filoti

Panagia Drossiani: September 8th, Chalki

Agia Irini: May 5th, Kinidaros

Agia Paraskevi: July 26th, Kinidaros

Agios Artemios: October 20th, Kinidaros

Agios Nikolaos: December 6th, Kinidaros

Theoskepasti: September 8th, Koronida / Komiaki

Agia Marina: July 17th, Koronos

The Saviour's Metamorphosis: August 6th, Kourounohori

Agioi Apostoli: June 29th for 3 days, Melanes

Agios Nikodimos: July 14th, Naxos

Agia Kiriaki: July 7th, Potamia

The Dormation of Virgin Mary: August 23rd, Tripodes

The Holy Cross: September 14th, Tripodes


According to Mythology, Naxos is the island where Zeus, father of gods, grew up... :more:
The architecture of Naxos is closely related to the history of Naxos.
The architectural history of Naxos took a different path than the others islands of the Cyclades when in 1207... :more:

There is a wealth of naxos churches on the island. There are about 500 churches... :more:


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